Looking to Increase Your Customer Base?

12 Aug

Would you like to add to your current list of clients? Perhaps you have expanded into a new market and would like to do a mailing in order to reach some additional people?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to expand your marketing outreach, Mediascope can help! We have access to many types of mailing lists which can help you reach new customers. We have lists available on a variety of demographics to suit your needs.

Lists come in two main types – Consumer and Resident.

Consumer files are typically less expensive because they saturate an area, but you do not get a customer name to go along with the address. A mailing to these clients would normally be addressed “To Our Friends At.”

Resident files are a bit more expensive, but allow for a wide variety of options in order to narrow the field to the exact type of customer that would fit your demographics. For example, we could search for homeowners with an income over $100,000 within 50 miles of your city.

The possibilities are endless! Selecting specific demographics will affect pricing, but the options allow you to narrow the search to the type of customer that would best fit your needs. Another factor which will affect pricing is whether you choose a list for a one-time use, or for multiple uses over a specified period of time.

And don’t forget, in addition to providing mailing lists, we can also help you design, print, and mail your piece!


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