Landing, Splash, and Squeeze Pages – What’s the Difference?

20 May

Answer: They’re all similar but slightly different things. However, people often use the terms interchangeably so don’t worry if you say “splash” page when you really mean “landing” page: no one will probably notice or care.

So what you call them isn’t very important, but what they do sure is.

Example of a Landing Page

Landing pages are usually small, standalone web pages designed for a single purpose, usually a marketing campaign. They’re called “landing” pages because they are most often used as a destination for a link. When someone clicks a link in an email blast or an online ad or something else, they “land” on a page with information and a call to action specific to the campaign. This is usually much more effective than simply linking them to your website homepage or some other generic site.

Splash pages are those “click here to enter” pages that you sometimes see when you go to a website’s homepage. Several years ago it was in vogue to add these intro pages to a website, but today they aren’t very common, probably because they’re really annoying.

Example of a Splash Page

As web designing techniques have matured over the years, splash pages have all but disappeared, because they’re unnecessary and can cause people to avoid your website.

The picture to the right is an example of a splash page. Note that it’s dated from 2003, when they were much more popular.

Squeeze pages are a type of landing page that focuses on getting people to input their contact information. Often there is some kind of incentive, such as a free report or entrance into a drawing.

Example of a Squeeze Page we recently used

Here’s an example of a squeeze page that we created for our own use. Some of you may have even gotten a personalized URL on a mailing piece that led you to it.

These different pages are effective and proven marketing tools (well, maybe not splash pages) and can help you better reach your audience. In today’s advertising-saturated world, providing your customers with relevant and engaging experiences is crucial to cutting through the clutter.

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