How to Write Copy for the Web

17 Jun

Use White Space

Reading words on a screen is decidedly harder than reading ink on paper. In order to help your readers, it’s necessary to give them some extra white space whenever possible.

Unlike printed writing, it is appropriate to start a new paragraph every 2-3 sentences when writing for a screen.  Large blocks of text are intimidating, difficult to navigate, and hard on the eyes.

Use white space.

Use bullet points

Bullet points

  • Make it easy to scan through your article
  • Force you to condense and clarify your thoughts
  • Stand out among paragraph sentences
  •  Increase the likelihood of your article being read (because of the above reasons)

Use short sentences

Everything that can be said can be said simply.  Using big words and long sentences makes reading web copy difficult.

Don’t do it.

Use pictures, not words

A picture really does speak a thousand words. And when you’re trying to communicate as much as possible as quickly as possible, that’s a big deal. Ikea and Lego have this concept down to perfection.

Lego Instructions - Proper web copy

LEGO skips the words altogether


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