Color Sells!

11 Aug

Color affects our perception, our thinking, and our actions. Two weeks ago, our blog, The Psychology of Color, talked about the meaning behind certain colors but did you know that just the use of color accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of an object?Color Sells

Advantages of Color

When talking about printing, some people feel that the only advantage of color over black and white is that it captures one’s attention.  Studies have shown, however, that the use of color — any color — has other benefits. Statistics revealed during a recent learning seminar by Think Patented, a graphics communications company,  shows:

  • Color visuals increase willingness to read by up to 80%
  • Using color can increase motivation and participation by up to 80%
  • Color enhances learning and improves retention by more than 75%
  • Using color in advertising outsells black & white by 88%

Pretty impressive numbers, huh?

Color in Digital Printing

Technological improvements have not only improved color digital printing quality but have made color printing more affordable, even in smaller quantities. Color digital printing equipment is now available in configurations to fit almost any size or type of job, as long as the printing job lends itself to digital printing. (For more information on digital printing compared to offset printing, see our blog, Digital or Offset Printing.)  Some digital printing devices can now print five- or six- color jobs, and even print with white ink or apply a clear coating similar to a spot varnish in designated locations.

Next time you’re considering a print job, consider adding color to what may have traditionally been a black and white piece.  Not only is color more affordable than it used to be, the advantages of color printing are worth taking another look at. The statistics above tell us an important thing: color sells!


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