Email Marketing to Mobile Devices

20 Oct

Many people think of mobile marketing as only SMS messaging and mobile ads. However, one area of mobile marketing that cannot be overlooked is email marketing. Today, most decision makers are plugged in 24/7 and may reach for their phones to read email messages from just about anywhere. That means marketers must follow mobile best practices to ensure emails are easy to read on a mobile device or the opportunity to reach a prospect via email may be lost. Here are some tips for successful email marketing campaigns.

Subject Line

As few as 15 characters may be viewable on a mobile device so be sure to keep subject lines short but relevant to the topic.

The Message

According to MarketingSherpa, the average viewer spends only 15 – 20 seconds looking at an email. Build trust by making sure the content is relevant to the reader and matches the subject line. Also, keep your emails short so that readers don’t need to scroll excessively. With that in mind, use only necessary links and images.

Mobile Phone

Make sure emails are easily readable on mobile devices.

From Line

Be consistent in the use of a name or names in the “from” line. Not only are you building trust, but being consistent will help you get past spam filters.


The most valuable space is at the beginning of the email. Don’t fill this space with links and images. Also, keep your email between 500 – 600 pixels wide so that it is viewable on most phones. Use H1 and H2 tags to make headings stand out and help the reader skim the content. And . . . use alt tags to describe images just in case the pictures don’t properly render.

Call to Action

As always, make sure you have a call to action. In addition to other contact information, be sure to include your phone number in the email in order to make it easy for the reader to contact you.


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