10 Cool and Creative Uses for QR Codes

10 Nov

QR Codes are visible everywhere. So far, however, many QR Codes found in the United States only point to a static web site and serve as little more than a link to something people have seen before. Here are ten creative uses for QR Codes.

Marriage Proposal

Wouldn’t it be cool to wrap up the words “Will you marry me?” into a QR Code and print it someplace special such as on a T-shirt or a menu at your favorite restaurant?

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt could take many forms: it could be anything from a party game to a city-wide fund-raising event.

QR Code

Contests with Prizes

Link a QR Code to a microsite inviting people to sign up for a prize. Not only do you capture information about people showing interest in your service or product but you get them to actively engage with your ad, making your campaign more memorable.


Use them in unusual places to inform. Zoos, gardens, historical buildings, and other public places are a great place to put QR Codes signs which link to additional information such as animal habitat, plant names, and building history. QR codes make the linked information easy and inexpensive to update.

Link to Videos

Sometimes words just don’t cut it. Use a QR Code to link to a video showing how to do something.

Charitable Donations

Use QR Codes to request charitable donations. QR Code campaigns have lower administrative costs than SMS mobile texting campaigns.


Rather than sending readers to the same old web site, reward them with coupons towards  future purchases.

Mobile payments

Link your debit or credit card to an approved QR Code vendor app and have a retailer ring up purchases by scanning a QR Code on your smart phone screen.


Imagine a world where you can do your grocery shopping from public transportation. It’s being done in Korea now.

Sell Sheets or Abbreviated Articles

Too much information for the allotted space? Feature the highlights and use a QR Code to link the reader to more information. Real estate and automobile ads are great examples of this use.


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