What Does it Mean to be Thankful?

23 Nov

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, David Steinquist, owner of Mediascope, Inc., offers these words . . . .

Since I do not consider myself a real wordsmith, I decided to see what my old friend, Webster, says about the word, “Thankful.” Here is what he says:

Definition of Thankful

  • Conscious of benefit received
  • Expressive
  • Well pleased

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Thankfulness needs to be a mindset that we create and decide to live with. That would be the conscious part. If we make the decision to be thankful in all things and for all things, we won’t be constantly looking for and hoping for more. Hoping for more always makes me wonder where my priorities are, and it usually turns out that I am focused on the wrong things.

Thankfulness should also happen in conjunction with others. That would be the expressive part. There is nothing wrong with being quietly thankful for the everyday aspects of life, but as we proceed through life, we need to tell others what they mean to us. I find that when I express my gratitude to others and tell them why I am thankful for them — in real terms, not superficially — it builds stronger, more sustainable friendships. It also brings a smile to even the grumpiest of grumps. And who doesn’t get a kick out of turning Oscar the Grouch into a dancing fool?

Well pleased to me indicates a true and deep contentment of all things. This means appreciating the good things as well as the things we experience in life that often drag us down. For under what circumstances do we really grow? For me, the best lessons are taught through life’s difficulties. And once I am past a difficulty, I often look back and think “that was no big deal.” Let’s face it, we all have our fair share of issues, and a lot of those might just be of our own doing. And, it is always good to see growth . . .  in my life as well as in the lives of those around me.

So, in closing, here is my short list of what I am thankful for.

  • My Faith. Without Christ’s influence in my life, I have nothing.
  • My Family. A wonderful, loving wife and 3 great boys.
  • A meaningful job and a great group of people to work alongside.
  • Friends too numerous to list individually that have had a positive impact on my life.
  • A bright future.

Blessings, everyone.  I intend to continue to be thankful 24/7/365, not just one day a year in late November. I hope you can do the same.


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