Giving Praise in Business Relationships

30 Nov

Do you consistently thank and praise the efforts of the people around you? If you do, good for you! If you don’t, why not? Granted, some people need more praise than others, but almost everyone responds positively to words of praise. Just a few carefully chosen words will build loyalty, trust, and camaraderie, plus provide a sense of truly making a difference within an organization. Here are a few tips on how to make praising others work for you.

Say “Thank You” and Mean It!Note of Thanks

Sometimes a heartfelt “thank you” is the best praise ever. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Keep It Real

Keep the praise proportional to the event. At times, a simple “Good job!” is enough; other times, a message of “You went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate your effort” is more appropriate.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Words mean different things to different people. Don’t be afraid to say kind words but be careful to use only words with positive meanings.

Don’t Restrict Praise to Co-Workers

Vendors and customers deserve praise, too. After all, you also want their loyalty and trust. In my experience, praise goes both ways. If I look for the good in someone with whom I have a business relationship, they are going to look for it in me, and in my company. Giving it is the key to getting it.

Put it in Writing

If praise doesn’t come naturally to you, consider writing a short note of praise or thanks. I have several treasured notes given to me over the years by business owners, managers and people with whom I’ve done business.

Spread the Word

If you have heard good things about employees, friends, or business partners, let them know. Sometimes the easiest way to praise someone is to share a positive comment. Likewise, look for ways of publicly rewarding someone for their efforts. Newsletters, bulletin boards, and company events are all great forums for sharing good news.

Praise the Everyday as Well as the Exceptional

It is easy to spot the extraordinary events which deserve kudos. Don’t forget to think about the events which happen around you every day which make your life easier, however. Who always gets you that report on time? Who never misses a day of work? Whose work do you not have to check? Let them know you appreciate what they do. Sometimes you get so busy taking care of the squeaky wheel that you forget about the other well-oiled mechanisms around you.


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