Plan Ahead on Mailings to Beat Price Increases

15 Dec

Planning a mailing for the beginning of the year? You may want ensure it hits the mail stream before January 22, 2012 when postage rates will increase.

Overall, the rate increase for First-Class Mail will be 2.133%. As part of that, First-Class stamps will go up a penny to 45 cents. Forever stamps will also increase to 45 cents. Keep in mind that you can buy extra Forever stamps now (before January 22nd) and mail next year’s holiday cards at 2011 prices.

Forever Stamp

Forever Stamp

Commercial First-Class first-ounce price increases range from 1.6% ($ .006) to 3.6% ($ .014), depending on presort level.

The cost of a Postcard Stamp will jump 3 cents to $ .32, letters to Canada and Mexico will increase 5 cents ($ .85), and letters to other foreign countries will increase 7 cents ($1.05).

The overall increase for Standard Mail will be 2.124%.  As part of that, presorted letter prices will go up an average of 1.867% and the average presorted flat rates will increase 2.209%. Carrier Route rates for all processing categories will go up 2.425%.

There are a couple of pieces of good news, however. When the new prices go into effect on January 22nd, the second ounce for presorted letters will be free. This allows marketers to plan more elaborate mailings, plus lets companies advertise expanded services and special promotions to their customers as part of invoice and statement mailings.

Also, nonprofit letter size mail will receive an across-the-board $ .002 per piece reduction in postage.

Postage rates are complicated due to the many variables which affect them. Talk to your mailing partner about what options work best for you and see if there is an advantage to getting a mailing done before the rate increase.


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