Why Look for Integrated Services?

18 Apr


1. combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole: an integrated plot; an integrated course of study.

2. organized or structured so that constituent units function cooperatively: an integrated economy.

Consider some of the key words in these definitions: organized, structured, coordinating, harmonious, interrelated whole. These are interesting and powerful words. What do they mean for businesses?

As a company which offers integrated services to our clients, we’re proud of the fact that we provide shortened turnaround times on projects, save valuable employee time for our customers, provide a deepened sense of partnership, offer improved project knowledge, and take on greater responsibility for our client’s projects — all of which provide a better experience and help our clients save time and money.

Shortened Turnaround Times

Companies who offer several services under one roof seamlessly move projects from one area to another. No transport time is needed, nor is there a need to wait for paperwork to be completed at each step of the process.

Save Valuable Employee Time

Not only can businesses save time on an overall project by having all the work done at one place, but just think of the time you can save by working with only one contact person, generating only one purchase order, and paying only one invoice.

Deepened Sense of Partnership

The bigger the project, the more trust you and your vendor need to have in one another. Both parties need to trust that all of the information is available and the processes are in place to do the work completely and efficiently.


Not all companies want to take responsibility for mishaps or miscommunication and when services are split between several companies, it is easy to assign blame to other parties. When services are kept under one roof, errors happen less often, and fewer opportunities for finger-pointing are present.

Improved Knowledge

By working with a company which offers integrated services, valuable information about your product or service is readily and easily passed on from person to person or department to department. For example, integration between creating e-commerce shopping carts and fulfillment services is ideal because everyone works with the products and becomes very familiar with them while creating an e-commerce site.

To summarize, there are many advantages to working with companies who offer integrated services. Keep these benefits in mind the next time you are looking to save time and money on an outsourced project.


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