Benefits of Corporate Volunteerism

15 Aug

While the first goal of any business is to make a product or provide a service in a way that maximizes profits, many companies also have a keen sense of corporate social responsibility. They believe in providing a positive contribution to the quality of life in the community where they do business and where their employees live.

The community in which we live greatly affects the quality of our everyday lives. A vibrant and attractive community which attracts and holds people is in everyone’s best interest. An active volunteer sector is essential to a healthy community. Since the well-being of business is linked to the health of communities, the corporate sector also has a stake in ensuring our communities are well served.

Feed My Starving Children

Mediascope team members help package food at a Feed My Starving Children event.

The benefits of corporate volunteerism are many: not only does volunteering provide employees with a way to make new professional or business contacts, it also allows them to:

  • increase their understanding of community needs and issues.
  • develop teamwork and leadership abilities.
  • balance their work and personal life by getting involved in something they care about.
  • find personal satisfaction and increased sense of self-worth.
  • learn new skills, broaden their experience, and develop their careers.
  • improve their mental and physical health.

Mediascope participates in a variety of volunteer opportunities. We provide a team of two people one day a week to help deliver lunches through a Home Delivered Meals program. We also participate in a program called Feed My Starving Children, where a team of co-workers help package a special blend of foods sent overseas. We have also helped build Habitat for Humanity homes and have participated in a community beautification program.

What types of volunteer opportunities does your company provide? Please feel free to go to our Facebook page at and let us know.


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