First Class Postage to Increase: Plan Ahead on Mailings

5 Mar

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) recently approved First-Class Mail price adjustments which will take effect on April 26, 2015.

In a separate order, the PRC also approved an average price increase of 5.5% for certain competitive products such as Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

The USPS price adjustment request for all remaining Market Dominant products are still being reviewed by the PRC and are in a pending state. That means rates for other postal rate increasescategories of mail, including standard and periodicals, have not yet been determined.

In summary, First-Class Mailers can expect the following price changes in April of 2015:

  • First-Class Stamp remains unchanged at $0.49/stamp
  • The Single-Piece additional ounce for letters increases to $ .22 from $ 0.21.
  • First-Class pre-sorted letters and postcards will go up an average of 2.4%. Specific rates have yet to be announced but will be revealed at a time closer to the date of the change.
  • Single-Piece Postcard rate will go up to $ .35 from $ .34.
  • Free second-ounce continues for all Presort First-Class Mail Letters – Non-automation and Automation
  • Metered Single-Piece Letters will increase by $0.05/pc
  • The price of the first ounce for a Single-Piece Flat remains $0.98.
  • The retail First-Class Mail Parcels price for the first three ounces increases to $2.54.

A copy of the notice is found on the PRC website:

The DC Court of Appeals decision regarding the exigent rate increase is still pending. As it stands today, the exigent amount of 4.3% will be rolled back once the Postal Service achieves $3.2 billion in revenue associated with the exigent increase. At the current collection rate, it is estimated to occur around August of 2015.


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