Why Work with Your Full-Service Fulfillment Provider on Web Site Creation?

18 Mar

Last week, in Fulfillment Service . . . so much more than filling orders!, we talked about the value of a full-service fulfillment provider. If you remember, we likened a fulfillment provider who does nothing but fill orders to a turkey dinner with a menu of only turkey. The experience just isn’t the same.

Today, let’s look at one component a full-service fulfillment provider offers: Web Site/Shopping Cart Creation.

The online shopping industry has grown considerably over the Full-Service Fulfillment Optionspast decade. According to Statista, in 2012, U.S. e-commerce sales amounted to 289 billion U.S. dollars, up from 256 billion U.S. dollars in 2011. Retail shopping websites generated the largest share of online revenue at 210.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2013.

A current e-commerce market forecast projects online retail revenue in the United States closing in on 500 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Simultaneously, the number of U.S. digital buyers is expected to grow from over 157 million in 2013 to 180 million in 2017, according to industry estimates.

Online orders are obtained through web sites and shopping carts. Shopping carts are the portion of the website designed to take the order, figure the shipping costs, capture a delivery address, and so on. This information is electronically provided to the fulfillment services center in order to fill and ship out an order.

Fulfillment companies work with a variety of software packages for processing orders. Not all fulfillment softwares work with all web site platforms. By using your fulfillment service provider to create your web site/shopping cart, you ensure compatibility between softwares. That means an easier start-up and more efficient order handling.

At the very least, if you have the web site/shopping cart created somewhere else, be sure your designer is in constant communication with your fulfillment provider to ensure compatibility and seamless transitions.

One final note: according to Marketing Land, 30% of web site traffic now comes from mobile devices. Not all web sites and shopping carts are mobile-friendly. Be sure to test your web site and shopping cart on a variety of devices including both a Macintosh and PC computer, a tablet, and a smart phone.


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