Benefits of Outsourcing Literature Fulfillment

28 Jul

Literature Fulfillment, also known as Print Fulfillment, includes storing, gathering, packaging and distributing printed materials such as catalogs, membership packets, brochures, postcards, how-to manuals, and sales sheets. When done right, literature Literature Fulfillment Servicesfulfillment is a cost-effective way for businesses to reach out to new or existing customers. However, it is also time-consuming and tough to maintain, which is why it makes sense to outsource literature fulfillment to a fulfillment parter.

Using a fulfillment partner simplifies distributing promotional literature to your customers, and operational and support literature to your field reps, branch offices, franchise locations, and dealers. A fulfillment partner has all the resources and expertise needed to perform these tasks efficiently and economically.

Literature fulfillment programs are set up to distribute literature as part of a special, one-time project or as part of an ongoing service. Often, a company will use a custom e-store or web portal to simplify the literature ordering process.

Integration of Services

Literature fulfillment is more streamlined than most other types of outsourced fulfillment because a fulfillment partner can often produce all the printed pieces for you. This eliminates the need for you to have the materials produced in advance and shipped to the fulfillment partner. By eliminating several intermittent steps,  you save time, money and hassles.

Many extremely successful literature fulfillment programs include sending personalized printed pieces. Using a fulfillment provider with print-on-demand services expedites this option.

In addition, a fulfillment partner can provide folding and collating services, as well as the assembly and insertion of printed components needed to create binder sets and presentation folders. A fulfillment partner is also a distribution expert, and will match your project to the most efficient and cost-effective shipping or mailing method.

Saves Time

Preparing literature for distribution is a time-consuming task that takes employees away from working on your core business.

Outsourcing literature fulfillment lets you benefit from an outside company’s specialized facilities. Fulfillment centers are designed to allow for efficient processing, packaging, and distribution of materials and have a trained staff. This enables fulfillment providers to perform literature fulfillment faster than your employees would, and frees your workers to focus on their other tasks.​

Saves Space

Boxes of printed material are heavy and take up valuable space. By outsourcing your literature fulfillment, your materials are stored in the firm’s warehouse. This not only lets you eliminate present space concerns, but if you ever choose to expand your inventory, it’s simply a matter of leasing additional warehouse space.

Saves Money

It is easy to think that performing something in-house is less expensive than outsourcing the work, but that is not always the case. Fulfillment systems require a large upfront cost in software and space, and additional expenses come from employee time, plus liability and maintenance. By outsourcing literature fulfillment, you benefit from a company’s already existing infrastructure, software, and internal problem-solving methods.

By outsourcing your literature fulfillment operations, your company benefits from more affordable ways of getting materials to customers. Mediascope is an expert in both literature and product fulfillment and will save you money, time, and space.



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