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One Card Shopping

5 May

Too many credit cards in your wallet or purse? Have you seen the new cards capable of carrying information for several cards including credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards?

One single-card payment systems is Plastc. This version uses an included card reader to credit cardsload account information onto a phone app and sync it with the card. The card itself is a touchscreen which allows you to swipe the mini screen with your finger to switch between dozen of cards and choose which one to pay with.

A second version is Wocket, a wallet-size device that digitally stores cards via a scanner (no app needed). Wocket encrypts data so if it unusable if intercepted. It unlocks only by using your voice or a PIN.

If loyalty cards are responsible for your full wallet, lighten the load by scanning the cards into your smartphone with Cardstar, a free app for Android, Apple and Windows. When you check out, scan the bar code on your phone’s screen. Use it for gym and library memberships, too.

Overstuffed wallets may soon be a thing of the past. Currently, the Plastc and Wocket cards run about $150 but prices may drop as other brands hit the market.