QR Codes In Creative Marketing

8 Jul

QR codes are rapidly becoming mainstream, especially in large cities. A year ago spotting one was a novel experience, but today they have become a common tool for connected marketers. In fact, I scanned one last week to read a restaurant menu while I waited for seating. Here are some examples of QR codes being used in measurable, useful ways to get your creative juices flowing:


Tesco is an online shopping company, and recently launched a campaign in South Korea that allows people in subways to order groceries by scanning QR codes. Instead of sitting with nothing to do while waiting for their subway to arrive, people can buy groceries and have them delivered directly to their house the same day.

If you’re in a hurry, skip to 00:51 in the video. 

Tissot QR Code Campaign

Tissot Swiss Watches


Tissot (pronounced “TEE-soh”) has incorporated QR codes into nearly every aspect of their marketing materials, from print ads to product packaging.

In an effort to keep a clean look on their packaging, a QR code is placed on each watch case linking to a product description as well as promotional media.


Legos lend themselves easily to creating a QR code. That’s easy. But the real brilliance of this campaign is how the codes were constructed. Each QR code was created using Lego bricks in multiple colors to create a grainy “picture.” Curious onlookers could scan the photo/QR code the find out what the picture was supposed to be, and then purchase the corresponding Lego set on the website.

If you’re in a hurry, skip to 00:47.

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